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Friends of Bob Rosen

You've Got To Carry On (For Bob Rosen)

(audio recording)

by Sue Malcolm and Don Fraser
copyright 2012

I left this world this rainy morning
Didn’t know where I was bound
When I get to my resting place
The answer will be found
As I set out upon my journey
You’re in my heart always
To all of you still living on earth
Don’t weep for me I say


You’ve got to carry on, you’ve got to carry on
There’s wrongs to right, battles to fight, and songs to singalong
You’ve got to carry on

There’s struggle and strife the whole world over
And folks who need a hand
All you reapers and sowers and whistle-blowers
Gotta help them take a stand
It’s people like you, who stand together
Make a difference every day
Just open your heart in all you do
And remember when I say…


Come gather round dear friends and neighbours
This promise I’ll proclaim
I’ll still live inside your hearts
If you will tend the flame
It’s people like us, who stand together
Join in, don’t be left out
We’ll lift our voices now as one
Hear the mighty chorus shout..


I left this world this rainy morning
My resting place is sweet
The answer burns within you all
The circle now complete

CHORUS; repeat last two lines