P2: Junk mail organizing (SORWUC), Bulgarian Anarchist 'retired', Animal activists caged, Roadside notes

P3: Italy - the streets are up for grabs

P4: Quebec syndicalists in squeeze, Sweden rolls up 'red carpet'

P5: Fish chowder feeds no-nukes, But next course needs recipe

P6: Mexican peasants regroup, News From Nowhere

P7: The creaming of America

P8/13: Feminism - the Anarchist impulse comes alive

P9/12: Greek anarchists targetted by state, Links without chains, Remiro fucked-over at Folsom, Canada threatens Quebecois, Communism banned in China

P10/11: Sacco-Vanzetti poster

P14: Inuit form common front, Anarchists take new tack, Hapotoc - 'Playing to win'

P15: GJB gets silent treatment, Anarchy is liberty - not disorder

P16: Immigrants still taking the flak, New blood rejuvenates CNT

P17: Bookchin on Spanish anarchism

P18: Free Buddy Cochrin - Don't watch fascism; fight it, There's a rumour goin' round

P19: Continued: Italy, Nukes, Anarchy, Rumour, Books received

Back Cover (P16)
Back Cover

Issue Four, Fall 1977
    ⁃    page 2, reports on the imprisonment of Animal Liberationists in britain
“Roadsite Notes” a very impassioned and articulate letter accusing OR of lacking feminist analysis which goes on to attack them for their support of the NWLF and downplaying of the latter's homophobia, sexism, and authoritarian ML nature.
    ⁃    “News from Nowhere” (6) reports on the formation of the anarcha-feminist Revolting Women study group which wants to focus on crime, violence, the role of leadershp, etc.
    ⁃    “Feminism: The Anarchist Impulse Comes Alive” page 8 and 13, by Helene Ellenbogen. Discusses the history of feminism and of anarcha-feminism
    ⁃    “The Blast” discusses the raids and arrests of Greek anarchists, reports on the US Federal Bureau of Prisons banning of gay materials in prisons on the grounds that it would out and therefore compromise the safety of gay prisoners. “A well-documented report on how a prison guard mafia has deliberately provoked a series of prisoners' riots across Canada in the past few years has been produced by (surprise) a parliamentary committee. Copies of The Penitentiary System in Canada can be purchased ($3.50 in Canada, $4.20 elsewhere) from Printing and Publishing, Supply and Services Canada, Ottawa, Ont. K1A 0S9.” (12) “Canada Threatens Quebecois” (12) discusses how Trudeau's government is stocking up and preparing for unrest in Quebec “In all, about $126 million worth of equipment suitable for quelling civil disturbances in, say, a breakaway French-speaking province has been acquired.”(12) Also notes that when the PQ came to power they found 30,000 documents prepared on individuals around the time of the October Crisis. René Levesque initially said he intended to destroy them, OR reports, but later kept them claiming they may be necessary to protect Quebec from “'agent provocateurs.'”
    ⁃    “Hapotoc: 'Playing to win'” author unknown, page 14. Discusses the history of HAPOTOC (Help a Prisoner and Outlaw Torture Organizing Committee) in September 1974 in Amsterdam when anti-prison activists recognized a need for a “new transnational prisoner organization” in part because Amnesty International was seen to be too collaborationist. HAPOTOC has no formal structure or organization.
- “GJB gets silent treatment” author unknown page 15. Discusses how 80 FBI agents have been assigned to the FBI area and gives a background of the GJB. Then discusses how a 47-day work stoppage at Walla Walla and a three-month sitdown by prisoners in the hole has resulted in a new warden, and a clean up, and the hole being depopulated. Suggests that the hole was the holding tank for anyone who so much as breathed a political word or thought a politcal thought. On the releases from the hole: “this includes Carl Harp, who was told previously he would never get out of the hole until he renounced anarchism, and GJB member Ed Mead.” Guards, angered, had begun to organize against the new warden by issuing public statements and petitioning the gov't.