P2: Roadside Notes

P3: summer of resistance - antinuclear organizing

P4: Bugs, taps and beepers, Piepeople find Cleaver - 'White like me'

P5: George Jackson Brigade blasts media blackout, Spanish anarchist assasinated - Canada welcomes murderer, Fighting green death

P6: Spain - Resurgent anarchists confront regime

P7: Spain (continued), Roca workers battle bosses, unions

P8: News from nowhere, NWLF - good hit, no pitch

P9/12: The Blast - Peletier nailed for two life terms, Murray slamed again, German guerillas raise the ante, Links without chains, New England bomb trials, Marion Brothers win one,  Plug pulled on SWAT squads

P10/11: Emma Goldman

P13: Peeling away the taboo, Moving for grassroots social change

P14: Battered women - breaking ties that bind, Castro strengthening hold on Cuba

P15: 'Patagonia' vivedly recreates insurrection, Guillen's guerilla strategy - out of the jungles, into the streets

P16: Abbie and Jerry - you can't go home again, The politics of no-politics - Letters of insurgents

P17: Blowin' down this old technocolor road, Books received, Hoffman (continued)

P18: Spain (continued), The day of the anarchists

P19: Guillen (continued), Alcan (continued), MNS (continued)

Back cover
Back cover

Issue 3, Summer 1977

Page 2 – “Roadside Notes”: “Dear Comrades, I'd give up another year of this 4 1/2-9 year bid I'm doing to have been able to throw one of those pies at Delgado. Right on Anarchist Party of Canada [...] Jim Belknap, Auburn, N.Y.”
- Letter from Howie Brown suggests he's gotten all copies issued, reports that he's been in Millhaven Max since 1971 and three years in solitary confinement. Indicates that since the “October smash-up” (2) Millhaven has been quiet but the “prison revolution continues as strongly as ever” and they are hoping for a good showing at PJD.
    ⁃    Another letter from Peter-Paul Zahl from a West German prison.
    ⁃    And another letter from Mark Cook in King County Jail in Seattle and Ted Lopez from prison in Texas. The latter is critical of armed struggle, “What have these spectacularized activities to do with the end of wage labor, commodity-production, surplus value, capital accumulation, market exchange, division of labor, & the State, i.e. with the real communist project? We feel that your reporters should now concentrate on what the proletariat of the global metropolis is doing in opposition to political economy & kiss off all 'third world' stalinism.”

“Bugs, Taps and Beepers” by Willie White and Jane Black page 4, discusses phone tapping technologies, security culture.

“'White like me': Piepeople find Cleaver” by Martin Van Lubin, on the pieing of Eldridge Cleaver.

“Spanish Anarchist Assassinated: Canada Welcomes Murderer” author unstated, page 5. Reports on Canada habouring the secret police assassin of a Spanish anarchist.

“GJB blasts media blackout” page 5. Reports on the GJB bombing of a bank vault in Redmond May 12th. “The action, which was taken to protest the collusion of corporate officials in distorted news media coverage of conditions at Walla Walla state prison, was the first since Brigade member John Sherman was broken out of police custody by comrades in March, 1976.” Reports on the GJB's disappearance for awhile and reemergence with more skills and experience (six robberies). Repeats GJB request for criticisms and analysis of their actions. Reports on the unrest at Walla Walla, including an April incident in which a cigarette lighter bomb blew up in the hand of a segregation guard, then later a 300-prisoner strong raid on the prison store and sitdown strike pushing for outside investigation into racism, lack of meaningful work and poor medical conditions. Reports that Walla Walla Superintendent B.J. Rhay was spreading scare rumours about a planned GJB escape from WW and subsequent intent to attack an atomic works. GJB respond that the only GJBer there is Ed Mead. OR then publishes a response, “'Message to the Progressive Community'” by the Walla Walla Brothers, to the GJB bombing which is overwhelmingly supportive not only of the GJB's solidarity action, but of their tactical choices.

“NWLF: good hit, no pitch” by Celine Hagbard page 8. Reports on the successes of the NWLF, but also on their Maoist-minded rejection of anarchism as petit bourgeois. Also on their disregard for feminism and gay lib as subordinate concerns to the class war and on their anti-semitic in tone anti-Zionist press releases. Despite these issues, the article strikes a balance by suggesting the very real successes of the NWLF and the reasons why many on the left continue to support them.
The Blast – contains articles on Marie Murray, Leonard Peltier, Marion Brothers, a series of small towns in the US disbanding SWAT teams, New England bombers caught, West German prisoner hunger strike and the gunning down of West German Chief Prosecutor, Siegfried Bubach, by the Ulrike Meinhoff Action Committee. Also, the trial of anti-war bomber David Armstrong, the Coalition to Stop Institutional Violence's campaigns to halt the construction of an “'Intensive Unit for Emotionally Disturbed Women” at Worchester State Hospital in Massachussetts to hold female prisoners, the detention of three French anarchists.

“Battered women: breaking ties that bind” by Jannit Jones, page 14. Reports on the growth of transition houses and some of their weaknesses (government funded, not enough space, etc. While their benefits are that they don't treat women as victims, but work to rebuild self-esteem, etc.