P1: Anti-nukes escalate - The Heat after Harrisburg, Silkwood - Industry Pays

P2: Roadside Notes, Women Rock Against Prisons, Hell No! We Won't Go

P3: Pornography - Feminists break the bonds

P4: Repression in Europe - States Gang Up: Germany, Sweden, Greece

P5: Dying for Work - Women's Occupational Hazards, Women Workers of the Asian Rim

P6-7 The Blast - Lines from solitary, Gay/Hoon acquitted, Phil Ruff, Yvonne Wanrow free, State slaps SORWUC, Women-hating ritual, Links without chains, Revolting women in Iran,  Bordering on Anarchy

Poster: Re-invent Revolution!

P10: Anarcha-Feminism: Moving Together

P11: Abortion & Sterilization - Keep Your Laws Off My Body, Unions That Work

P12: Kids Stuff, News From Nowhere

P13: Unions Lose Control?- France/Germany, War raised on Rage

P14: Privacy Promotes Problems - The Lonely Crowd, Coming Out Correctly, Oppression Beyond

P15: (continuations)

Back Cover (P16)
Back Cover

Issue 10, Summer 1979
“Women Rock Against Prisons” reports on the all-woman punk band “The Visitors” being invited out to play at the prison in Abbotsford (doesn't state which one). Reports that they used the opportunity to promote their political views about, among other things, solitary confinement.
*this issue was produced by an eight-woman collective intent on learning the skills ot produce the paper, but also in releasing a specifically anarcha-feminist edition.
    ⁃    Reports on the extradition of an RAF member from the UK to West Germany, the use of Dead Unit Cells to psychologically break imprisoned RAF members, the criminalization of left-wing activity in W. Germany.
    ⁃    Imprisonment of anarchists in Greece for possession of molotov cocktails. Given a six-year sentence. Raids and harassment of other anarchists.
    ⁃    “The Blast” “Lines from Solitary” 6, reports on the seizure of the classification and parole building at Walla Walla on May 9th by Carl Harp and two others. The article includes a letter sent to OR by Carl Harp informing them of the prisoners intent to remain non-violent, and of their support by 250 prisoners in the general population. He reports that they managed to get media in with whom they spoke “about everything in this prison from over-crowding to secret files, the beatings and silent beefs.”(6) Includes a plea for outside support particularly since the prisoners had surrendered and were afraid of reprisals.
    ⁃    “One step forward Wood and Hoon acquitted” page 6. Reports on their February 79 victory. Discusses Wood's strategy and legal defense committee. Notes that one fo the prosecution witnesses (the prison guard) was then facing perjury charges. Reports that Steve Hall is serving a life sentence for his attack on the guard, and that all of the prisoners have been transferred to Millhaven. (this paper is the issue which contains The Kite) Includes the contact information for the Solitary Confinement Abolition Project.
    ⁃    Reports on Yvonne Wanrow who has plead guilty to second degree manslaughter
    ⁃    Article on lesbian seperatism 14-15