P1: Did the 70s Burn You Out?

P2: Roadside Notes

P3: Anti-nukes fall out, Nazi law revived, CNT fireworks

P4-5: Still crazy after all those years (con't)

P6: News From Nowhere, Persons Unknown

P7: News Shorts, Bring Back the Colour!

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Back cover

Kite suplement
Kite Supplement: Solitary Confinement Abolition Project (SCAP)

Insert letter - Persons Unknown: Why Taff Ladd skipped bail

Fall/ Winter 1979, Issue 10
“Roadside Notes” prisoner Ken from Matsqui writes in to note the unfortunate reality that prisoners mostly just read porn in prison and therefore, trying to encourage them to develop political insight and analysis is an up-hill battle. He concludes with: “Smash sexist attitudes and female exploitation now!”(2) While prisoner Joe Remiro from California writes in anger at the denunciations of porn arguing that prisoners need it and, unfortunately, Larry Flint is the one who stepped up to the plate to supply it. “How many feminists would consider taking over his role and send prisoners some flicks to help fight the vicious sexual repression of prisoners?”
“Censored” page 7, reports that the editorial board of Odyssey were told by the CPS that they could not use words such as “oppression, suppression, harassment, alienation, pain and bloodlust” or print “anything that could be construed as 'being negative towards the penitentiary system.'”(7)